Cops are the new highwaymen

Abolish your local police Seven cops for one kid, seems reasonable doesn’t it?  After all the “criminal” must have been doing something wrong if the cops stopped him in the first place right?  It has been argued that there was a time in this country when “peace officers” patrolled the streets, seeking only to keep […]

Psychiatry, Corporations, and the State

Caffeine withdrawal is now a mental disorder The collective industry known as the psychiatry field is out of control.  With its categorizations of everyday behavior as signs of mental illness, it has become just another arm of the state and corporations. The State uses the psychiatry field to deprive individuals of rights and property, and […]

Encryption should become the norm…..

     Deadline Looms for Suspect to Decrypt Laptop, or Go Directly to Jail How many of you folks out there still believe The Constitution protects you?  Does a piece of paper or it’s questionable philosophy restrain the State from aggressing upon you?  This case illustrates how The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights, specifically The […]

Time to rely on the individual and not the “experts”

America’s Bubble Economy Is Going To Become An Economic Black Hole Keynesian economics, and central planning….what a dangerous mix.  While most Americans are focused on celebrity gossip or the latest “scandal” in D.C. the federal reserve has quietly continued it’s policy of pumping more fiat cash into the system (also know as quantitative easing). While […]

The lost art of education

I had a discussion with a friend recently, it got me to thinking what is the most powerful weapon the State has? Is it their military might, their tax system, their welfare system? Those are all serious threats to our liberty, however I believe the most important weapon they have is the public school system. […]

An (im)perfect illustration of Anarchic Order

DEADHEAD LAND “SHAKEDOWN STREET” SOUNDWALK While I was listening to the Dead and reminiscing about my tripped out teenage years, I remembered a curious thing.  Anyone who’s been to a Grateful Dead shows knows about “Shakedown Street”.  Here we have a completely spontaneous market place born out of necessity.  As you stroll through you will […]

Conversation With A Stranger

This isn’t about freedom This isn’t about me…..or you it’s just a rant, plain and simple like taking a rusty can opener to the brain, and seeing what’s inside Conversation With A Stranger We live strange and dangerous lives don’t we? constantly shifting from one distraction to the next So what’s your drug today? Sex, […]

Freedom 101

-Disclaimer:  The following rant is fairly elementary stuff (at least you’d think it’d be), it is not directed at my AnCap brothers and sisters in the liberty mission.  It’s directed at those folks that still cling to the idea that a collective minority and pieces of paper can and want to, protect your rights as […]

I choose to be Happy AND Free!

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.”  -Lao Tzu Are you free, Are you happy? The more I observe society the more I see how distracted we all are.  In an […]