What’s more effective than voting? Just about everything!


     I gotta be honest with ya folks, I really can’t wait till the current (s)election cycle is over. My tolerance level for bullshit is pretty low to begin with, but this year it has fallen to zero. I’m tired of both intelligent and ignorant people alike telling me (and everyone else who doesn’t share their opinion) how I should think and act. Folks seem to get so self righteous about “their vote”, “their cause”, and “their candidate” (like they actually own any of these) around this time of year. Many of these same people profess to care about the future, but once election day passes, just go about their normal routine thinking “they’ve done civic their duty” or “made their voice heard”. “Democracy!” they proclaim proudly. Sadly almost anything can be done to the individual as long as you preface it with this battle cry.

     Now not to sound cynical or anything; but in this humble author’s opinion, a vote for anyone/anything is a vote for the continuation of a corrupt and immoral system, that seeks to enslave, exploit and pit you against your fellow man. Have you ever noticed how vehemently voting blocks oppose one another? There is no compromise or unification, only arguing and distraction. That’s no coincidence.  Voting is saying that a majority “opinion” overrides the rights and opinions of an individual. On top of all that, your “vote” doesn’t even matter (think Diebold voting machines), it’s just a way to keep you on the plantation. I mean come on folks, let’s be objective for a moment; has your “vote” changed the fact that the U.S. Still bombs any country with brown people back into the stone age? Has your “vote” halted or reversed the expansion of the police state, empire, and militarism at home and overseas. Has it ended the destructive drug war?  Has your “vote” had any effect on the constant and unending violations of an individual’s privacy? Let’s talk about money for a moment. You know that deliberately evil monetary policy that continues to rob you everyday through devaluation and inflation(it’s called fractional reserve banking and fiat currency for those who are curious), has voting changed that? How about the bureaucrats that have resided in government agencies for decades, crafting these destructive public policies, has voting remedied that insane asylum? The answer is a resounding NO.

     Do you really believe the politicians’ “running for office” (or their financial overlords) give two shits about you or your family? Let me clue you in folks, they don’t! This “representative” system wasn’t designed to allow folks who actually want to effect positive change, to accomplish much. This is a selection process, not an election process. But but, “This is the most important election of our lifetime!” or “the stakes are just too high to take the moral high ground” Pfft, I hear that nonsense every four years. It’s old and tired. It’s also been described as insanity, albeit a collective one.  Hey we got gay marriage and marijuana legal by voting you say? Well “the government” shouldn’t have a thing to say in either of those areas to begin with; it’s only through your continued participation that they have any perceived legitimacy.

     To be clear, Yes, I am advocating for a stateless society. None of what I’m talking about here is new, or despite the prevailing opinion, radical. There are many people much smarter than I, that have written articles, books, and produced videos and podcasts extensively on this topic. The information is just a few clicks, if you’re thus inclined. Owning yourself is an old idea, and one with merit. Just because you own yourself doesn’t mean you can’t work with others to achieve a common goal. It’s not collectivism as long as it’s voluntary. In the current world system, people are compelled to “do good” and punished if they don’t, that’s not charity, nor is it advancing humanity in any way. If it’s forced it’s not genuine, and you will never experience the pleasure of helping you fellow human beings.  Is what i’m advocating perfect system…no, but with a little effort it damn well could come close. It may take years(and a few failures to learn from), hell we might even have to raise a generation that respects rights and doesn’t feel entitled to everything. It will take time and effort to undo all the programming of the elitist and state worshipers, but I assure you humanity will benefit from it.

     Now, let’s take a practical view for a moment shall we? How could you spend (s)election day(I’m making tacos!)?  There are literally hundreds of more productive and meaningful activities you could engage in on election day(and everyday) that would have a more positive and profound effect on friends, family, your community, and most importantly, yourself. You could plant some crops, build something, volunteer, spend times with your kids, read a book, throw a block party, get together with old friends, share ideas andskills, create art, imbibe mind altering substances, exercise, engage in self gratification, or make love! The possibilities are endless.

It’s high time humanity stops relying on failed but familiar systems, and embraces real change. Remember it’s about evolution, not revolution. Live the change you want to see in the world, inspire others! I know that to many of my friends this is nothing new. Well guess what, I didn’t write this piece for you, I wrote it for your friends, co-workers, and family members who have an idea that something is amiss, but think that voting is the only thing they can do. Share this with them, and encourage them to find other voluntary and peaceful ways to make a difference. I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite sci-fi shows: “peace and long life to you”.


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