signs, signals, and solutions

heading towards oblivion
at breakneck speed
we are
sacking the sacred temple
and sailing through the sanatorium
of human existence
Amidst cliffs of
plundering paralysis
and in-depth analysis
I creatively blacklist
the unhappiness and
sustain lengthy cosplay
with voluntarily sorrow
fancy footwork as
pacifists in sallow villages
pray to the gods of old
no sway, shall they hold
then suddenly, a periodic scribble
with profound and prolific
she disowns me
could you get away
if you were
occupying brevity
and bootlegging
a bipolar boogie
slim chance
i hear that radio beat
cold in the distance
seeking to lead and bleed
the fool on the street
no escape
grab that last cigarette
we’re just hiding in day jobs
with no connections
waiting to sleep
gather our weapons
we strike
in a less than productive manner
as we
mount the cameras, cellphones
the laptops with
keys to the blockchain(s)
we load old guns
and dust off
forgotten books
and with much outrage we
siphon and dissuade the masses
leading them to a
mid-sized modality
and an
imaginary immortality
it’s forever a cycle of
stop and go
only to be
down below




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