My new book is complete

My first book, Poetic Exorcisms is available on Amazon, as both a Kindle download ($3.09), and a paperback ($6.49). If you purchase a paperback copy, you can get the kindle version for 0.99. The book is 171 pages and contains various poems from 2014-2018. The second book will be released by September 2018.

One Moment

It occurred to me that we, and by we I mean I, tend to live life under this illusion that we are untouchable.  We often think that life’s circumstances, for better or worse, are in a perpetual state.  I can tell you now with certainty that they are not. So much is taken for granted. […]

Something wicked this way comes

“In those dark and divided days most of us were too busy arguing with our fellow man, to see the real threat looming on the horizon. A creature skilled in the art of misdirection, was slowly stirring. The evil empire, under the heroic guise of change, masterfully promoted discord, insidiously gathering it’s strength as it […]

Stepping outside of the propaganda

     It’s been nearly a week since the “historic” election concluded. I’d hoped that people would go back to being civil. No such luck. Both supporters and detractors are floating through the waters of elation and anguish. Keeping a jaundiced eye on the news I’ve seen reports of protests all around the country. This is encouraging […]

1984 is bunk!

Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans So the DEA is using methods of “combating terrorism” to further their own rent seeking activities, and trying to cover it up.  This news should come as no surprise to any critically thinking individual, sadly however it does.  Many people particularly your average […]

Cops are the new highwaymen

Abolish your local police Seven cops for one kid, seems reasonable doesn’t it?  After all the “criminal” must have been doing something wrong if the cops stopped him in the first place right?  It has been argued that there was a time in this country when “peace officers” patrolled the streets, seeking only to keep […]

Psychiatry, Corporations, and the State

Caffeine withdrawal is now a mental disorder The collective industry known as the psychiatry field is out of control.  With its categorizations of everyday behavior as signs of mental illness, it has become just another arm of the state and corporations. The State uses the psychiatry field to deprive individuals of rights and property, and […]

Encryption should become the norm…..

     Deadline Looms for Suspect to Decrypt Laptop, or Go Directly to Jail How many of you folks out there still believe The Constitution protects you?  Does a piece of paper or it’s questionable philosophy restrain the State from aggressing upon you?  This case illustrates how The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights, specifically The […]