Anarchist, poet, lover, philosopher, photographer, and all around daydreamer.  I was born in 1977 and raised mainly in Augusta, Maine.  I attended Catholic school till the fifth grade when his father decided to put him into public school(though truth be told, he got kicked out). I spent my freshman year of high school in St. Petersburg FL with my mother, but moved back to Maine once the year was over. I attended the university of Maine at Augusta for a year as an arts and humanities major, but then dropped out.  When he was 21, my first(and only) child, Faith, was born. I raised her as a single parent from the time she was two. At 20 years old, I began a career in the healthcare field, working as a caretaker for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness; a job which I  do to this day.

I have a deep love for music and all forms of art, which has led me, in part to pursue the arts of writing and poetry. I’m antiwar, and considers myself an anarchist. I believes in peaceful, voluntary forms of cooperation between individuals. In my earlier years I was very politically active, protesting, podcasting, and occasionally co-hosting on the Freedom Feens radio show. As time has progressed however, I’ve chosen to channel that energy towards my writing.  I like cats, guns, computers, wine, and fast women.  I truly believe that art(and technology) in all it’s forms is what will save humanity.  This is a site to collect whatever subjective bullshit I deem as art, as well as my thoughts and opinions on freedom.

Peace and long life.
– thequietone


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