Stepping outside of the propaganda

     It’s been nearly a week since the “historic” election concluded. I’d hoped that people would go back to being civil. No such luck. Both supporters and detractors are floating through the waters of elation and anguish. Keeping a jaundiced eye on the news I’ve seen reports of protests all around the country. This is encouraging in the respect that at least people are speaking out and stepping up. What is sad to me though is that these protests often turn to violence. Engaging in this sort of behavior will only validate the system’s claims, and prop up the need for its existence. It is my sincere hope that this outcry against the system doesn’t dissipate over time as it has so many times in the past. The powers that should be played this very well by putting Donald Trump into office. It’s not like the liberals were going to start the next Civil War. They’ll just say that next time we need to vote harder, as if that ever solved anything. Of course the cycle(of enslavement) will just repeat. However if the elite had put in Hillary in, I think you would’ve seen a small segment of the “right” revolting in some manner. It would’ve shown a great many people that the whole (s)election process is rigged. Many folks were already gearing that way once they saw how Sanders was screwed over. However since the populist candidate Trump “won” people can still claim the system has some legitimacy.

     It’s as clear as day to me that Trump is part of “the club” and we ain’t in it. As an anarchist I have a built-in political bias, an aversion to the state if you will. I am however a realist, I understand that abolishing all government will not happen overnight. Humanity has a lot of growing pains to go through before we get to that point. Government, both the institutions and systems which represent it are morally corrupt. In their guts I believe most people know this to be true, they just don’t understand how to articulate this sentiment and more importantly how to successfully change it. Trump is a just a reaction to a system that has consistently screwed over the average Americans for decades. It is however it’s folly to believe that his administration will bring about any meaningful change. It saddens me to see that so many people still believe that one man or woman can change the direction of an established system. Government is charged with one directive, and that is, to protect the rights of the individual. However has history is shown that is rarely the case. Why would you think now somehow things will be different?

     Everyone knows that politicians lie on the campaign trail and that they really follow through with their promises. Even more dismaying however, was the fact that nowhere in the 2016 political campaigns did anyone mention the Federal Reserve or monetary policy. No one mentioned the boom and bust cycles, inflation, fiat currency, and how that is killing not only the middle-class but the entire world. Yes Trump did make brief mention of the “American Empire”. He did state that he felt certain nations were leeching off us, but that is a far cry from telling the CIA, military industrial complex and the weapons contractors to fuck off. let’s suppose for a moment that Trump was serious about taking on the American Empire and rolling back. How could he possibly do that without first addressing the issue of central banking? Quite simply it can’t be done. It is because of fractional reserve lending, Quantitative easing, and money being created out of nothing, that the Empire is allowed to grow. Have you ever noticed that boom and bust cycles tend to follow the same timeline as election’s. That’s not by mistake. People have such short-term memories, economic woes are used to demonize one candidate or party, and put another into power. Misdirection, this is the essence of the system.While everyone is fighting over who said and did what, the central bank’s are quietly robbing you. Henry Ford once said “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” He was absolutely correct. Until such time as folks educate themselves on this matter very little will change. The next bubble is due to burst at any moment and I can assure you that it’ll be a painful experience. My hope is that people will not turn to the government for more “solutions” but will come up with creative ideas of their own to deal with it.

     Yes it is hard for the individual to affect things like foreign-policy and monetary policy. The trick is to move and operate outside of their systems, weaken them, and make them irrelevant . Show the masses that there is another way. Technology can be a curse and a blessing let’s make the most of it and use it to our advantage as individuals. Decentralize everything! Build strong relationships in your local communities, based on mutual interests and skill sets. Farming, bitcoin(or any alt coin), barter and trade, the dark web, decentralized interent(s), 3-D printing. These are just a few examples of the techniques people can use to free themselves. We can’t rely on others to change the system from within. We have to do the hard work ourselves. It’s a long road ahead but it is possible.


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