Something wicked this way comes

“In those dark and divided days most of us were too busy arguing with our fellow man, to see the real threat looming on the horizon. A creature skilled in the art of misdirection, was slowly stirring. The evil empire, under the heroic guise of change, masterfully promoted discord, insidiously gathering it’s strength as it continued to march on towards the next phase. It was taking advantage of poor education, economic desolation, and utilizing agendas of identity politics through its puppets, to shape the world stage for the next scene. To say it was a game would be inaccurate, it was more like theater, only, with very real consequences.”

When I first set out to write this piece I was going to do a critique of the current administration’s policies pointing, out what I saw as it’s major flaws. However as I began to write the tone changed. The way I see it doesn’t matter how wrongheaded or ignorant a president’s (or government) policies are. If individuals choose to rule themselves and embrace decentralization, the machinations of two bit despots under the guise of legitimacy have far less consequence. Coming from that perspective, it’s very disheartening to see former liberty minded individuals become apologists, and advocates for Mr. Trump. How easily these folks are satisfied by hollow words, and deceptive half measures, embracing them as a sign of the progress yet to come. Have they forgotten their roots? America is only one week into the reign of its new king, and already we see the policy of orders by executive fiat continuing unabated. This is not change, this is not “giving power back to the people”, it is simply continuing the age-old game of political domination.

Please understand this is not a diatribe against Mr. Trump, he’s just a puppet playing the role he was selected for. This is more of an outcry against the incessant need of individuals to be ruled. So many folks out there lose faith in themselves believing that they have no power. That is the great lie. These individuals define themselves by the celebrities and institutions they support, whether in entertainment or politics. They see collectivism as the only viable means to promote change. Sadly, they fail to recognize the reality that collectivism erodes their freedoms and destroys their identity. Collectivism is the tool that the majority uses to impose it’s will upon everyone else. It is a tool that has been so easily and successfully manipulated by the powers that shouldn’t be for decades. The time has come for that reality to end. Now more than ever individuals have the tools to change themselves, and the world around them for the better.

Edward Snowden recently said “faith in elected leaders to fix our problems is the mistake that we keep repeating.” He is spot on. So many of folks out there, believing the great lie, grant legitimacy to these destructive systems, institutions, and politicians, continuing the cycle of their own oppression. It’s very difficult to see how humanity can thrive and progress if it keeps traveling down this road. As this macabre theater procession plays out, each of us has a choice to make. Do we embrace collectivism and continue on the path to oppression, or do we as individuals, promote decentralization of everything, working voluntarily and cooperatively towards more peaceful and productive ends? My vote is for the latter.


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