and the hits keep coming

it’s always the same with these assholes
led once again
by an all too familiar tune
memory fades faster than chalk on a sidewalk
shifting from side to side
it’s outrage and ejaculation
team vs team
with no real identity
it makes me sick
at least i know who i’m not

1984 is about ten years overdue
i tried to warn you
power breeds
and seeds
this corrupt institution

scholastic team
gangsters and wizards
led by greed

common sense died
with the birth of public education

hit with the end of an age
the freak show resumes
and all this information
will soon be closed by
closet fascists

we now see the coming
of war and poverty
second-hand humanity
and the majority
will pass their immoral judgement

the double edged sword of technology
robots will monitor
your every move
as freedom  is given a terminal diagnosis

clowns on camera
and the crazy just keep rolling in
tv ratings will soar
as comedians and unhappy souls
are given one line sound bytes
to regurgitate to the masses
it’s an unrepentant season finale
to the greatest reality show
history has ever known

it’s clear
the rebels are wrong
all suited up with nowhere to go
as they beg for longer chains

it’s the same old song and dance
heard time and time again
as fat dumb automatons
walk in unison
tax cattle wandering
in a state of perpetual enslavement
yet they continue
the useless cry of

so go
worship your master(s)
the screams will become clearer
as vices become more scarce

the word handed down is harsh
and karma is a bitch


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