2016 and the election year blues

fuck this anti-world
hope ain’t born of fear
but everyones’
hate is on the wings
change they say is on the way
while holding that anti-gun
anti-straight or anti-gay
it’s such a narrow vision
anti-life and anti-death
with anti-war and anti-peace
there ain’t no subtle release
so bow down before
the babylonian whore
anti-governemnt, and anti-tribe
anti-media, anti—-vibe
anti-hilliary and anti-trump
watch them all
hop skip and jump
anti-corporation and anti-market
with all the anti-humans
firmly held on target
anti-immigrant and anti-border
anti-hunting and anti- order
anti-wall, after all these battles
we fall and all this
makes my flesh crawl
anti-ceo, anti-gmo
don’t forget to check
yes or no
anti-flag, and anti-soil
anti-medicine and anti-oil
anti-choice anti-voice
i hear them moan anti-drone
because they’re  all burned down
to cartilage and bone
anti-muslim and anti-jew
anti-christian and anti-atheist
anti-nation to name just a few
anti-capitalism, anti-socialist
anti-money and anti-greed
how much longer will these fat bastards feed
anti-crypto and anti-fed
just gimme one bottle
of malibu red
anti-technology, anti-education
and we’re all held in constant inflation
anti-propaganda and anti-truth
it‘s a hostage situation, with
brain dead slogans shouted by the youth
i’ve seen the slow death of individualism
but when is the empire up for a vote, and
how much longer before that’s all she wrote
we get what you hate
but please before it’s too late
rise above and
show us what you love




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