Conversation With A Stranger


This isn’t about freedom
This isn’t about me…..or you
it’s just a rant, plain and simple
like taking a rusty can opener to the brain, and seeing what’s inside

Conversation With A Stranger

We live strange and dangerous lives don’t we?
constantly shifting from one distraction to the next
So what’s your drug today?
Sex, guns, media….what?
I don’t know man
Are you locked inside your head again?
Maybe a little…..but sometimes that’s good
What are you searching for? Do you even know?
You want to be wanted don’t you?
I want it all
Thoughts, feelings, actions or lack thereof
Why are you here? Whatta you wanna to do?
Do you want to be good….evil, or a little of both?
You wanna be strong right?
I want to be everything
There ain’t enough coffee and cigarettes in the world to get me through this one man
Ohh the situations that you get yourself into….
I swear sometimes it’s like you want a fight…..
better be prepared to deal with the consequences……just saying
I’ve changed man, things are different now
I know you have, and it ain’t over yet, we’re always changing
Yeah then we’re dead
There’s never enough time in the day is there?
choices, choices, choices
what to do, choose wisely my friend
That’s easier said than done
So much unfinished business, what’s up with that?
where’s your focus man?
ohh yeah, that’s right… is getting in the way, right?
So you say people disappoint you huh?
Just tell them to fuck off and be done with it
Or you could put on that happy face, but not for too long
embrace that anger, but don’t let it eat you from the inside out
use it, or lose it!
So you wanna be free huh?
how’s that working out for ya? Are you living it, or just talking about it?
again….where’s your focus man?
what happened to that nagging thought?
do you remember what’s really important?
Sometimes I forget…..
It’s family, friends, community, and freedom…right? Is it still?
I think so
I hope so……
Remember the smiles man
Yeah I love to see them smile…..happiness is good
It brings peace….trust that
I wonder do you still hear the calling?
that tiny voice in your head reminding you of what could be
Sometimes, but it gets drowned out with other noise
Noise….where’s your filter? Quit your whining, and just do it!
Do you remember when you were a kid, and anything was possible?
I got news for you… still is, but only if you want it bad enough.
do you?
Never forget…your focus determines your reality
I know man….I know
Remember the mistakes, plan for the future, but focus on the present
Life is short….never forget that
Life is good……thanks





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