Cops are the new highwaymen

43_9941Abolish your local police

Seven cops for one kid, seems reasonable doesn’t it?  After all the “criminal” must have been doing something wrong if the cops stopped him in the first place right?  It has been argued that there was a time in this country when “peace officers” patrolled the streets, seeking only to keep the more violent elements of society from harming the innocents.  Even if that was true, sadly, those days are long past.  What we have now is a group of uniformed thugs  with “special rights” violently shaking down any individual they can for the purposes of generating revenue for the State.  Simply put they are rent seeking.  Just yesterday I saw six local cops pulling people over one after the other on a local drag.  You can’t tell me these clowns don’t have quotas!

As societal and economic standards continue to decline, local police forces are becoming less and less concerned with crime prevention, and more concerned with revenue generation. Now as if extracting wealth wasn’t bad enough, many of these thugs consider themselves to be superior to the rest of us lowly mortals.  They have become increasingly territorial and violent “defending their beat”.   These thugs are now exempt from the principals of common law, if you resist their advances you will be beaten,caged and/or killed.  Much of this belief is reinforced from the backing they receive from “lawmakers” another class of “privileged” citizens.  Let’s get one thing straight, cops are no longer on the streets to protect “law-abiding” citizens, that is a secondary(and often ignored) directive.  The first is to “enforce” the mandates of the State, using fear to keep the sheep in line.  That is why the police are now called “enforcement officers” instead of peace officers (even game wardens are considered enforcement officers now). After all modern day cops don’t look very peaceful do they?

So what’s a peaceful individual to do?  The choices depend on how much you are willing to risk.   Standing up to these men in costumes can be very gratifying, however it can also be very expensive, and hazardous to your health.

A few tips:

Never admit to anything when confronted by a cop

Be polite but assertive, Know Your Rights!

Everyone has smartphones, it’s a wise idea to utilize them.  Record every interaction, let the thugs know you are doing so.

Be smart, don’t give cops a reason to pull you over, and keep your vehicle in good order.

Here are a couple of great sites to check out:

Corporate Avenger – I don’t fault the police


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