Psychiatry, Corporations, and the State


Caffeine withdrawal is now a mental disorder

The collective industry known as the psychiatry field is out of control.  With its categorizations of everyday behavior as signs of mental illness, it has become just another arm of the state and corporations. The State uses the psychiatry field to deprive individuals of rights and property, and the corporations use it to sell multitudes of unnecessary drugs. I have worked in this field for 16 years, and I have watched the number of “illnesses”  expand to ridiculous proportions.  I’ve seen individuals deprived of basic rights because they had deemed  “mentally ill”. Study the history of Soviet Russia, and how the psychiatry field was used to silence opposing viewpoints.  Children are taken from their homes and people are put on dangerous drugs.  The stigma of mental illness has grown,  lesser problems get treated with drugs and serious disorders often go untreated.  This expansion has also facilitated the growth of the welfare state.  More and more folks are on “disability” for social disorders that in the past were simply not a big deal.  In short this has increased the demand for the State and the dependence on it.

Mental Illness is a very real problem, I believe a great part of it stems from the unhealthy lifestyle choices many folks engage in; there is also an environmental factor.  However you have to ask yourself do these supposed “illnesses” seriously impact your daily functioning, or do they just increase your dependence on the corporations and the State?  There is a some hope however, there are a few honest individuals in the field that are calling this new DSM out for the sham it is.  The truth is that life can be challenging, and we all cope with it in different ways.  We do not all need to be labeled mentally ill or given drugs to get through life.  Perhaps individuals can shift the focus from social services and prescription drugs to natural supports like friends, family, community, and healthy activities.


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