Encryption should become the norm…..

vpn-rev-encryption     Deadline Looms for Suspect to Decrypt Laptop, or Go Directly to Jail

How many of you folks out there still believe The Constitution protects you?  Does a piece of paper or it’s questionable philosophy restrain the State from aggressing upon you?  This case illustrates how The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights, specifically The Fifth Amendment, are ineffective at warding off the goons.  The man in question is being accused of possessing child porn.  While I find this morally reprehensible(and disgusting) I don’t believe that the man should be FORCED to aid the State in their case against him.  I mean isn’t that what the 5th Amendment is suppose to protect against?  The State does not believe in playing by their own rules, so why should we believe that said rules are there to protect us, or are even effective?  This case also brings up another point, it is my opinion that this is being pursued so hard because the issue of encryption is involved.  As it stands today encryption is viewed by the public as a tool that a person uses when they have something to hide.  Folks rarely consider the issue of privacy and the continual encroachment upon privacy by the State and it’s minions the corporations.

It is my belief that encryption of all information should be the norm.  It doesn’t matter if it’s pornography, or your mom’s cookie recipe.  If the State insists on sticking their nose into all our personal business, let’s at least make it difficult for them.  This type of action would also have the effect of changing the perceptions of people who use encryption.  If many people used it, for everyday communication and data protection, we would no longer be viewed as “having something to hide”.  Think about it…….


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