Time to rely on the individual and not the “experts”

economic_bubble_indian_diamond_marketAmerica’s Bubble Economy Is Going To Become An Economic Black Hole

Keynesian economics, and central planning….what a dangerous mix.  While most Americans are focused on celebrity gossip or the latest “scandal” in D.C. the federal reserve has quietly continued it’s policy of pumping more fiat cash into the system (also know as quantitative easing). While this may have the short-term effect of stimulating the stock market and giving the illusion of economic stability, the center cannot hold.  Ignoring simple market principles, and relying on those that are “experts” will only lead us to ruin.

While it is true that there are some Americans out there who are quietly preparing, most are not and what will happen to them when the whole thing comes crashing down? They will beg for these same corrupt institutions to “save them”. If we are to reduce the demand for the state our best strategy would be to start planning now, become more self-sufficient, more community-oriented, and develop habits that foster this type of lifestyle. Now is the time, waiting till the emergency comes will only make dealing with the situation more difficult. As many of us have long said learning new skills, bartering, developing new ideas for alternative currencies, developing friendships, maintaining healthy lifestyles, are all key.


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