The lost art of education

I had a discussion with a friend recently, it got me to thinking what is the most powerful weapon the State has? Is it their military might, their tax system, their welfare system? Those are all serious threats to our liberty, however I believe the most important weapon they have is the public school system. Think about it for a moment, through this system the State indoctrinates generation after generation of children into accepting their myth.  Children are now taught that there is no other way to structure modern society, that society would descend into chaos if  the State wasn’t there to save us. The god of the State has replaced family, community, and church.

Education  should be about learning critical thinking skills, and to operate and adapt as an individual. Sadly education is a lost art. Children are now conditioned, they are told what to think, not how to think. When it comes to education in this country George Carlin hit the nail on the head.  The owners don’t want critically thinking individuals, they want workers….drones.  The public school system is controlled ultimately through the United Nations(UNESCO). Through their programs, initiatives and funding, schools the world over are forced to accept certain “set standards”. These standards kill the individual, they foster and encourage the collective mindset for a more progressive “New World  Order”.  Not every child is equal, it’s a reality of life.  Yet schools are now required to lower standards to meet the needs of less intelligent, and motivated students. Students are taught to take tests, so the schools can continue receiving funds from the State(are you beginning to see the vicious circle?).

When a child becomes bored or disinterested, the school will label the child ADHD, and advise the parents that he/she be med

icated(yes the pharmaceutical industry has a cozy relationship with the public school system).  For more info on medicating kids check out The Medicated Child  For years the State has been robbing us to dump more and more money into the public school system(an estimated $9,000 per student), yet test scores continue to fall. In 1895 this was a standard 8th grade exit exam, true not all the kids passed, but most did.  I can say with certainty that most high school graduates today would fail this exam….so what does that tell us about modern education?  There is a great book on the subject called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.  It’s no wonder that the State has all but declared war on home-schoolers.  They can’t have parents being responsible for their own children’s education now can they.   Horror of horrors, parents might actually teach their kids to think for themselves.

So now we come to the question of what can be done? The most obvious answer is to pull your kids out of public school and home school them. This however is not an option for  many parents given  the current economic climate. The next most logical step would be to talk to your kids. Give them a supplemental education at home; share ideas of liberty, individuality, and economic freedom with them.  Encourage your children to read especially the great books that aren’t encouraged in public schools, remember you are a valuable resource to your children.  Bring your children to the library, show them what a magnificent place it is. Talk to other parents, ask them if they’re concerned with what’s being taught to their children.  Know what is being taught in your local school systems, attend PTA meetings making suggestions…… in other words get involved!   If we’re ever going to shape the society structured without the  State,  Then we must start with our children.


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