one more fucked up attempt at order

sitting here
intoxicated and enraged
i feel that our hungry imagination
is served up
and then severed
in this collectivist dream
i have a vision(delayed)
a vision of soul and rejected fate
medicated and unrestricted
whispering decay
on an imperfect wind

silently we sit, waiting
gathering unpredictable wisdom
balanced on a secular storm
kissing a passive level of death
as culture cascades
into desperate
and majestic revelations
of honest deliberation
and the lower gods
of this solid realm
laugh at our stagnant destinations

struggling with hopeless addiction
and channeling
energies long forgotten
beer me, one more time
cuz i’m tired of these
delicate playgrounds
matrix rules
and rippled prayers
chanted in a frustrated key
of fragile sacrifice

i refuse to comply
with this
scattered blue passion
and i refuse to submit
to these
crescent sweaty souls
seeking to sever
all our ludicrous comforts
with an industrial shotgun blast
from the naked apocrypha
of yellow human heartbeats

i want a chance meeting
of random passion
tainted with disconnected
and disconcerted souls
strung together
in a dangerous patchwork
of schizophrenic enlightenment
flesh upon flesh
an elaborate touch
prophesied in a methodic ecstasy
and wrapped in creative emanations
of this fixed
and fucked up reality

vain prayers fail
as nervous shadows
shade and drive us
from one excess to the next

perhaps we should embrace
this undigested chaos
and reject our inferior fantasies
in favor of sounds without symmetry
embracing hearts shrouded in illusions
of slightly scattered sacrements

or perhaps we should just sing
leisurely songs
of poetic laws
spilled onto empty pages
of sour isolation
as quiet flowers
form a fantastic conformity
of nature’s solitary virtue


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