dangerous radio

sung reluctantly
in the key of x
as ruin and blissful complication
drag this confused soul
towards some twisted
and imperfect form
of poetic chaos

and every night
i embrace the gentle focus
of wicked light
mixed together
with demonic routines
and hopeless dreams
it’s a discordant song
filled with high notes
and low chords

and i can hear life
clawing and scraping
against a purple moon
as we write
unholy names
and sacred numbers
in the shifting sands
of decadent manifestation

anxiety and celestial noise
broadcast in a slow tempo
of nervous adventure
offering a festive revelation
of manic science

fade in
then fade away
waiting for a drunk messiah
to romanticize
all our quiet secrets

the night is tired, comforting
and terrifying
as solid and insidious hearts
are held close
against a dusty and inverted moon

and there are swift moments
of subtle rebellion and internal ecstasy
conflicted and longing
for fluid correction
and a psychic promise
of melodic transportation

correction, consecration
and corrosive calculation
drive this captured spirit
towards a random, solo
and divine dark fall
hanging in breathless suspense
for a final
and concrete judgment


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