don’t quit

strangers of outdated temptation
hopping along
on a two heart moon
all our secrets are naive
and beg for an insane discourse
we hold our cards close
and pray to all the wrong gods
solid and delicate we wander
through digital fields
of glazed boredom
chasing ones and zeroes
as humanity lingers on life support
sometimes i feel like we’re all just
unsuspecting puppets
serving schizophrenic princes
and perched on the edge of
a never-ending joke

strange mind, corpse mind, no mind
war and peace
truth and fiction
prosperity and poverty
white walls and grey floors
living for nothing
and running on heavy disbelief
i gotta tell ya
being positive all the time
is exhausting
purged and on parole
sometimes the stars fall
and even our best illusions
are effortlessly shattered
will these convicted souls
ever be granted a small reprieve

the masses have given in
and the magic is fading
what happened to enchantment?
is it all just
black flowers and empty boxes
if all our simple miracles
are bled dry
what do we have left?
let us pray to the gods of
fractured reflections
and contested currents
for one more moment of
natural consequence


if i don’t create
i don’t exist
i want to
bind these soft poems in iron
but there’s no danger today
just dry indifference
ignoring these telephone dreams
i’m sweeping this solid summer love
under a carpet of starving
and salvaged sequences
i’m trying to break
these feeble habits
of reality glamour death
setting sarcastic fires
to burn these outdated shadows
i’m alerted to sacred seasons
of modular imagination
as i seek enduring minds
that dance between the raindrops
and preach peaceful sidewalk wisdom

the bulls are charging toward
our collective
and cosmic indifference
so forget this fearful symmetry
and strike up labored violins
coupled with a composition
of rusty guns
in the production
that seeks destruction
of walking dead symphonies

lets burn the sun together
and start this revolution with a kiss
let’s spawn a new system of value
casting yellow and black spells
over cauldrons of chaos
calibrating this unbalanced narrative
into something authentic
i’m tired of waiting for a crazy finish
it’s only treason
if you play their game
and that game is boring
i prefer games with rules
that beg to be broken



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