don’t leave me hanging

finished finally
or maybe just
for the first time
i’ve been updated
and rebooted
but i think the operating system
is still corrupted

another passive morning
and another empty bed
i woke up hungry
and all my cats were running around
insane with anticipation
stepping outside
for my daily ritual
(coffee, cigarette, and book)
i found the sun
sitting sideways as always
laughing at human desperation
and lazy vines that refused to quit

it’s hot out already
and i forgot
to turn on the coffee maker
my pants are too big
and my shirts are too small
there’s rarely ever any balance

i have a whole row of unfinished poems
waiting, like orphans
locked in some complicated limbo
and i’m staring at this blinking cursor
silently begging bastard gods
for a hint of inspiration
no luck
just my black and white cat
tickling my toes
with curios whiskers

i’ve got to go to work soon
but i don’t want to leave
this one

too late
it’s already half forgotten
as i stroll out the door


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