my favorite word is….whatever

i imagine my neighbors
must think me quite odd (to say the least)
i was feeling a little
intoxicated and slightly sleepy
and there’s this walking trail behind my house
half bushy field half residential housing
feeling adventurous as always
i decided to make the trek
in nothing but my crocs and boxer shorts
carrying a glass of wine and a cigarette
the grass was cool and wet
and the soft summer drizzle
felt very perfect on my aged
and over-saturated skin
it’s really comforting
to truly not give a fuck
how people view your eccentricities
hippy that i am
i suppose i’m still a little reserved though
i kept a few articles of clothing on
in maine we have a limited window
of wonderful weather
and i like to wear
as little clothing as possible
i suppose i still live too close to town
to realize my full, glorious potential
anyway the evening walk
did me some good
because here i am now
sitting in front of
my constant companion
telling you another silly story



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