internal storage

this reality isn’t yours
this reality isn’t mine
it’s theirs
none of this means anything
what you see
what you consume
is all bullshit
the symbols and sigils
are everywhere
distorting and manipulating
your very soul
they want to control you
and they want you to love your slavery
you can call me crazy
and that’s okay
because crazy
is just another word for freedom
and i choose a different road

don’t buy into their trends
or illusions of necessity
don’t give in
to this manufactured loneliness
and look to some tiny screen
for connection
remember the warnings of 1984
alter your perception
and feed the seed
of memory

step outside yourself
and forget these simulated fantasies
walk on wet grass
under the light of moon
speak words that hold meaning
pet your cats
and kiss the girl
embrace your own divine art
and reject this collective contrast
as your creatively summon your tribe
remember the mysteries
that existed as truth
in your distant youth
fuck all the gods
of yesterday and tomorrow
let go
and feel something real
as you manifest
an individual destiny


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