the delicate narration of a cosmic shift

crazy cats under drastic stars
haha that’s what we are
i don’t believe in coincidence
nothing is meant to be
unless we
manifest that shit
and i embrace moments of
hyper-natural awareness
as i trace slippery connections
under a subtle degree of separation
and sometimes i forget to meditate
grasping at missed chances
of secret ghost enchantments
i saw this night before it happened
i even started writing a poem days before
you were in my (unconscious) mind
and i didn’t even know it
did you hear the echoes of old ego death?
equations and invocations
our bodies and minds somewhat in sync
produced mystical visions and substantial feats
as the fire danced to our positive vibrations
and we quietly dispelled time
with our magick orchestrations
breathing intentionally
and bouncing heartbeats
back and forth
we were perfect in that midnight moment
soaked in a raw atmosphere
of understanding, connection, and lust
remember how you said my hands were so soft
i found it absurd and wanted to laugh
but i understand now
and as we sat close in nature’s temple
wrapped in the orgasmic sounds of the night
it was portable love
and i do believe we were
feeding each other’s souls
remember the pants-less party?
we even drew the kids in
and one of them listened
and started down the road of truth
and did you laugh when i swam
and walked around naked(and unafraid)?
i felt at home in your wisdom
such a rare feeling of safety
you were exactly what i needed
at that moment
riding on metaphorical roads of intensity
my illusions meant nothing
in the face of your floating candor
remember how we were grateful
solid in the certainty
of how this night
was exactly right
lying under the stars
sometimes all you need is a little
open space chaos
mixed with spicy honesty
i live for experiences like this
i’m glad that i got to
create something new, with you
desire and symmetry
power and synchronicity
summer sacraments
speaking through a new moon
passion comes in many forms
with flavors of circumstance
balanced on waves of
flesh, reason, and majesty
driving in this divine adventure
we will always have that night on the pond


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