it’s tuesday again
i wanted to stay up tonight
and write
some inspired and insane poetry
but i’m tired
and slightly worn
my head is swimming
with a dull and primitive ache
i have a belly full of
steak, wine, and whiskey
weighing me down
and the humidity has been
beating me down
all day long
my only reprieve
was a magnificent thunderstorm
cool and inviting
brief and narrow
like a blow
from the hammer of the gods

but i stayed true to form
and now
clicking these scattered keys
i feel that second wind rising

i want to deviate
and create
some saintless art
for myself
and all of you
sitting here naked and unafraid
at this cluttered desk
under a dusty, nicotine stained fan
i’m burning up
and tomorrow is closer than i’d like to admit
i’m dreaming about my long weekend
and how i’m gonna waste it
i’m too young to admit defeat
but too old to play these dangerous games
remotely controlled
i strut down avenues
of dead ecstasy
gambling on electric romance
waiting for a golden connection
to carry me home


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