comfort on the edge

misfit refit
living this chaotic adventure
and leaving this curse of
heavy attention behind
i’m waiting for something divine
lingering in a house where nobody lives
and dancing through a conscious manipulation of time
and i always run
in circles of three
it’s just simple and sacred geometry
divinity, caressed and corrupted
from this catatonic catholic upbringing
i’m just another hot soul on a cold floor

i roll with radio ghosts
conversing with passive hosts
as i strike spare matches
to burn complicated emotions
from this smoking record
should i continue to seek
flaming maidens of this
insane and dependent life-force
should i shelter under showers
of blissful tragedy
or should i fish for selective seasons of passion,
death and rusty domination
trading destruction for chaos
in jungles of salty flesh

sitting here naked with quiet distractions
perpetually intoxicated
by this lust for a spiritual half-life
i’m sacrificing sleep
to the gods of foggy creativity
and i’m constantly reminded of
the simple pleasures of the damned
while i try to rediscover
bleeding hearts beating in unison
as my black and white eternal kitten
watches me stumble over these
lonely, laughing keys
passing lyrics back and forth
to compete in this infinite hustle
it’s a persistent existence
for better or worse
wandering along whoring streets
and singing songs of
labored redemption



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