cats and anti-matter

the security is light
in this open air asylum
and i’m running split shifts
of consciousness
with a guy
more sane
than me

i’m tired of watching monkeys
dance into the sea
working this limited world
and wondering why so many of us
let addiction hang
so lightly
i wonder why so many folks
look to be offended
and why so many are sad
the other guy wonders
why are they so weak
he understands
the definition of insanity
and wonders why so many
are so easily drawn to it
i understand comfort
morning coffee and the songs of birds
or evening beer and sacramental music
it’s an odd form of balance

trying to kill these dull habits
with creative unrest
i’m remembering strange dreams
as buddha and the black lungs
combine to form
a collective dragon soul
and this smooth change
has subtly rearranged, me
waiting on washed out rainbows
and drifting in this broken simulation
are we just riding out the storm?
or are we embracing
blue screens of death?

the cats are serious and lazy
the poetry is meaningless
and still these cravings persist
recess the mind
cause this too will end



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