waiting and relieved in the briefest moment of ecstasy

calypso quarter moon
stuttering in the motion of
half fed dreams
simplified in cognitive dissonance
and we must remember
that sex is death
in the animation of rebirth
and i’m kissing an elusive girl
while lighting fires of
spiritual awakening
and i’m reminded
that gold cats are
are obscured by
divine light
as they bump heads
and love unconditionally
and in this labyrinth of
mixed emotions i carry
guns and abstract poetry
as a defense
against sedentary life
with bursts of chromatic life
as we play this passive aggressive game
of photogenic animation
and pretend to retire
to solitary realms
with love and distant revelations
too far, yet close enough
to warm our gentle souls
so let’s do it
reach for the sky
in this confused matrix
of disparate connections
as rhythms stray
and lead us to forgotten memories
of higher times
because i don’t wanna die
but this 9-5 life
is killing me slowly
as i drink and smoke
to escape this warped construct
of normalcy and soft remedy
waiting and wandering
in hopes of revealing
melodic truths
that linger
just beneath the surface
of aged and hardened skin
y’allĀ  just can’t see
these hallucinogenic day-dreams
that repel all our
uncertain visions
of collective daydreams
manifested in a different world
and procrastination is
the death of the soul
so i’ll continue
to drink tequila
playing with my cats
forgetting all that is real


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