my little man

i have this cat
four years old
white and black, special
i inherited him
but he quickly became
a member of the family
he’s quiet
keeps to himself
then he has moments
bursts of grand inquisition
where his status of background cat
is overcome with the need
to touch all the humans
he hops at your hand
and sits on the highest perch
staring, with a mixed look of
anticipation and confusion
no one can resist
petting him then
sometimes he reaches up
gives you a high five
with paws spread wide
other times he
kneads your thigh
like an autistic soul
searching for simple
sensory comforts
i love when he does that
but damn, his nails are long, sharp
and he never lets me clip them
he’s untamed, wild at heart
maybe tonight i’ll give him
some of that local organic catnip
get him nice and high
and try again



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