the dream and the lie

i had a dream
but it was a lie
occupy, mystify, and clarify
watching the passion
of a sharp tongue
round the edges clean
as green seas and electric trees
reveal the flawed movements
of our impossible devotion

often we feel alone
when we’re not really alone
writing a loose rhyme
in empty time
captive to cats
and passing cars
the meaning of silence
is crystal clear

chewing berries and thorns
on long grey-green vines
ignoring patterns of loss
with beautiful and short vision
i’m tired of brief love
burned by cancer eyes

something borrowed and something lost
are we all just hypnotized,
chasing clowns
and glorious casino creatures
as rebels and soft hippies
linger at the backdoor

waiting for a polite rapture
as death draws down
ready for a sequence of words
spit from a hungry king
and embraced by our
muted criminal comforts
we can no longer hide behind
missed opportunities
of the dawn’s mechanical memory

with frost folded
upon furrowed brows
winter is made for depression
it’s stagnation without surrender
so tell me
what’s the point
of all this pointlessness?

late and staring at the outline
of passing stars
we reap stationary days
and forsake midnight meditations
because the light at night
is almost right
so grant me a heavy sleep
that burns away lifetimes
of illusion and consequence

lazy devils laugh
as dangerous angels observe
from a distance
missing words
that spell resistance

never a schemer
always a dreamer
the moon reveals
the page of swords
in it’s domesticated reflection
yet short heroes and proud beasts
seem so strange
amused and ambushed
behind all this delicate hysteria



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