i wish that words could
reconcile the past
a simple re-write
of luxuries
taken for granted

spectating portable signals
we anticipate curses
and dispel reluctant reason

how many labored days
and restless nights
have we spent
in wasteful bliss
ignoring the heart’s call
in favor of simple,
and effortless distractions

comforted by disorder
and eventual madness,
fragmentary sadness
and a silent hum

mask are worn
and then become worn
tired and incomplete
we wander these haggard realms
waiting for answers
that will never come
and where does that leave us?
alone and wondering why
we didn’t set the dials
for the heart of the sun

desperation on the offensive
as lonely demons,
accompanied by this
beautiful tragedy
kiss, kill
and remember

sustained by an outstanding invitation
lackluster zombies flash forward
toward this disembodied enchantment
and if we’re lucky
the tribe will answer
this muted call

perhaps all we need
is a course correction,
a new and different star
to guide us home



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