the roaring twenties

history repeats itself
but most minds
are too short to remember
moon cycles,
social cycles
and the evolution of media
it’s all security theater
lies beget more lies,
poverty expands
and the noose tightens
the few sane among us
are labeled as dangerous radicals
and the insane are worshiped like saints
as pallid, flat politicians
and corporate overlords
name themselves leaders
but where do they you lead to?
submission is demanded
“for the greater good”
and freedom
is just an antiquated idea
written in dusty
and forgotten tomes
but it’s not your rights they want
it’s your souls
do this, don’t do that
say this, don’t say that
stagnate, don’t create
stay where you are
embrace your chains
and consume,consume,consume
have always bred more slaves
than the whip



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