criminals and sages

one chance
no chance
dancing with insecurity
as this repulsive harmony
shades the soul
as the sun gives way to the moon
and days are overcome by nights
as the colors rise and fall
and the poems get written (badly)
as the sink continues to drip
forming an insane rhythm
and the cat continues to prowl
these shallow and repetitive territories

impulsive, we wander back roads
looking for a crazy form of mercy
but the stars won’t guide us tonight
nomadic notebooks
shape square thoughts
in this breathless morning
as we melt into a quiet tempest
remembering images within the storm

visions are paused
as we delicately reconstruct
our savaged heroes
can we reconcile
all these dirty patterns
as we write secrets in the open

still minds burn mysterious
and erased from racist shores
as we sit scarred and idle,
typing with one hand

paper hearts and stolen arts
echo for release
as roots and rivers
mount turbulent transmissions
of defiant disconnection

have you forgotten the gods?
quiet, in their deluxe and broken finery
some say that they have forgotten you
i say that you have forgotten yourself

on the grass of diminishing sanity
i saw a handsome hobo
grabbing gold glasses
and practicing magic
with feral, fertile cats
was he maintaining the mentality
of unpaid symbols?
no, i think he was just
playing, and waiting for
the promise of random mischief

damn this homeless ego brew
and the comedy of pointless kings
i wish he’d teach me his reclusive secrets

unwritten and riding rusty nails
of lazy graveyards
our shadows shape white beasts
and hookers become prophets
it’s heaven all night
as we sit laughing
at cold memes
and narrow dreams

untrained and entertaining
the crickets are exhausted
from years of curious songs
give me one more golden morning of lies
guided by black cat fantasies
and wrapped in green mushroom eyes
as i surrender to another
contemporary sunrise

when does the butterfly cry?
maybe when these distant
and delicious distractions
consume all our cancelled playgrounds



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