a carnival for all seasons

flawed with predictability
the status of a genius
is nullified by
delayed rhymes
and negligent time

doves and drones
cats and rats
and then a trickle of
creative insanity
as the spirit animal becomes animated
before laying down to die

fluid fascination
mixed with thin moonlight
creates a
habitable hallucination
which leads to
eventual assassination
of this anxious
alien imagination

conversing in dissident phrases
we browse empty fantasies
burned by background fires
as the smoke drifts and
carries us to new
and disconnected heights

arrange the atmosphere
because fate is often late
so, roll with me
into this narrative possession
as we quietly seek
a new form
of shabby spontaneity

don’t run from that
radiant mystery
no more words
no more war
art, in the heart
poetry, as chemistry
with broken guitars
we summon the stars

backwards revelation
downward stimulation
driven towards
a familiar simulation
we are playing and waiting
for a stubborn form of absolution

and before the ink dries
lines, or vines
of progressive euphoria
grow under a smooth sequence
of random events

dreams of a conquistador
new and territorial
are interrupted by the sun
damn this corona summer!

some of us hold a sacrificial sword
poised to sever unkempt stems of love
as the immortality of manic progression
demands a glassy oblivion
be a fierce philosopher,
walk like a warrior
cutting down curses
and whisper victories
within a kiss
because the apocalypse
is in foreclosure



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