public service announcement

attention one and all
are there any takers
for the downtown celestial train?
the street lights are dim, and
there are too many gamblers out tonight
teased on an open end
the midnight ravers arrived early
and the stray cats
howl a festive storm

nights with wine
are always better
than nights with
full bellies
and hollow teeth

and it seems
a mix of bukowski and rabid sci-fi
breeds creation of competent strangers
in the hourglass of dominant simplicity

some may read this and think
“what a hack
he’s quite mad”
well good,
i’d rather be a mad hack
that a tired whore

and did you know
that wage slaves dance best
to the songs of
sexual chocolate

myself, i dig the coffee house blues
cavorting with a naked muse
who writes obscene clues
on worn shoes
placed strategically to amuse

society soil
now, please welcome
bare feet on cold floors

distracted by cats
under cold weather blankets
i felt the need to write something tonight
as a result, this poem is being
whipped together and run through
before the party commences

poetry conjured in an abandoned zoo
riding with the beer, the wine
writing for women on the vine
that linger like
unending tales
of mental masturbation
lost in translation
of inert spirit

poetry shouldn’t always be
serious and introspective
if we can’t have a little fun
with language and loose words
what’s the point?
as a great rocker once said
“let the madness begin!”

i know
that the
in all their
secure and
could never

so, let us laugh at the gods
as they grant us one more night of
and precipitous creation



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