the songs of amanita

the songs of amanita

sitting here with green eyes
rolling under blue hills
split hairs spill
mad skills
cherry vibrations
almost still

the beer and mushrooms revealed
caustic calligraphy
behind waterfalls
written on broken walls
there’s a woman that says
“learn to live”
and a man that says
“learn to die”
fuck em both
i’ll ride the sky
half a mile high
bone eyes gaze
and graze
upon empty wine bottles
lined up on a rural fence
like confused soldiers
waiting to serve or die

no two smiles are the same
and after a flat november rain
silence feeds the flame
of summer’s dying love

i write these dull evenings
with brass knuckles
and elderly dictionaries
as compressed air fills my lungs
and nine inch demos
fuel my fury

caught in a cartoon commune
we sweep these animal runes
with lustful hands
cradling a monsoon moon
the persistence of resistance
draws a quiet stare
from mechanical animals
trapped in unkempt rooms
filled with
lonely mercenaries
waiting for
machine gun marionettes
that hang in distant corners
like undeciphered cobwebs

live love
late, and long
in the ladybug night

break the spell
and storm the citadel
remodel the hotel of hell
and kiss the silent infidel

no immortal thoughts today
october’s energies are
crying and dying
for something new
as the clouds seek to hide the sun
and sing songs
of a forgotten apocalypse

the gods demand a sacrifice
but my lonely hands
refuse to respond

too many quiet days
breed contempt
the death of



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