men and women
with voices that are
robotic and labored
blasted days
cats and dogs
waiting for
blue skies and brown water
i’ve got no time for work
it’s the end of summer
and this life is ART
something or someone
is waiting for me
on the other side of absent memory
but sometimes i feel

wasted by passive time
because clocks are circles
in sync with the flow of misinformation

wasted by hollow fears
and lossless tears
wasted by self inflicted corruption
and unending consumption

wasted like overfed fools
wasted by perceptions skewed
wasted skills, and wasted knowledge
wasted honesty, and
wasted courage
wasted language
wasted by a poem that refuses to come

wasted money
and wasted sanity
wasted deliberation
and wasted by vanity

wasted love
and wasted by hate
anger mixed with fate
contemplate and ejaculate
somehow always just a little late

wasted sex
wasted sleep
cheap, creep
read em and weep

wasted truth and wasted lies
wasted rhythm, destabilize

wasted wasted wasted
music and medication
wasted dedication

wasted systems
that always fail
slowly we inhale
and impale

wasted symbols
and wasted strangers

wasted like plastic
wasted like dirt
shallow effort
wasted convert
alert and unhurt

wasted like a red lighter
under the fold
foretold and resold

wasted where spirit meets the flesh
wasted, cause i’m no superstar
i’m just a green man
with an ordinary burden
and wasted, i have tasted
that which i can never forget



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