hard time, no time, any time

the moon flipped
as fear arrived unannounced
and precisely on time
the insects swarm
for a final feast,
as the typeface fades
and the traffic lights
signal certain doom
standing here, empty
i feel like i’m over there
out of body
out of mind
on time
driving up
unscripted roads
out of time
diving down
into pools of summer mud

i stared into the eyes of the beast
and laughed, he can’t claim me
for i’m already possessed…obsessed
we hide our demons so well
cloaked beneath random
and dangerous communications
waiting for a word, a summons
from a black and white goddess
riding the false specter of night
she could undress the sun
with a simple glance
and where others see flaws
i see perfection
to demand or monopolize her time
is such a sin, and i wonder
will she remember me
when i’ve faded
from this persistent existence?

who’s in charge of these rural runes?
help me balance these summer spells
with ancient autumn swells
gimme some of that small town blues
mix it with wine and youthful color
grab the gun and go
throw away yesterday
and recycle today
because tomorrow is stalled
upon an obscure meridian

remorse, remembrance, reconciliation
shut the secret garden
and tame the savage alley cat
stranger strangers are circling above
with rusted halos and
visions of calamity in their eyes
would you welcome this beautiful collapse?
i am rebellious in the face of
time’s cruel resonance
a slave to none..but one
so, heal this head
full of cryptic dreams
that bleed
upon the rainbow road
of grassy sorrows

chance, circumstance
and consequence
curious time
moving in more than two directions
i was born to initiate
and excoriate
lost virtue
along swollen destinies of twilight
i love the night
and will always fight
for the favor of the one
that fate has spit upon

how long will these games within games
play out in comic book fashion
sometimes a man just has nothing to say
no rest
unlearned or relearned
it’s time,
one line left
don’t waste it
curse the empty page,
connect the dots,
and command majick(s)
that are almost forgotten
and charm the gods of old



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