it’s all about the cats

i’m certain some of you
must think me quite mad
or at least, a bit odd
this middle aged man
who fancies himself, something of a poet
living in a hovel
occupied by so many cats

but for those of you who don’t know
cats are the apex of
physical and spiritual evolution
they are divine incarnations
sent to embody the forgotten
essence of the gods

cats don’t have owners
they have caretakers,
unpaid staff if you will

have you ever observed a feline
sitting supine, not a care in the world
they wait for you to indulge their favor
can you do anything other than
reach out and stroke their supple form?

cats are
majestic and unruly
clever beasts
tiny yet fearless
with light paws
that tread surreptitiously
measured in chaotic prose
curious, carnivorous and not so quiet
with uneven calibrations,
a carefree caliber,
and cacophonous intent
see how they stretch and jump
inviting instant surprise

have you ever watched as
these magnificent beasts
strut in a lithe fashion
across any surface
their movements graceful, relaxed
poetry in motion

and sacred
cats are hypnotic
a distraction of the highest order

black cat, guardian of tomorrow
an eternal silhouette
white cat lazy and so dignified
a symbol of ageless contrast
gold cat, burning like an elder sun

cats are anarchists,
individual entities
with the cosmic presence of
celestial perfection
knowing nor seeking any master
they are fierce and independent
and they run the show

i thank the gods for my cats
all four, each so unique,
and so fascinating
sometimes i just sit and watch them
how they play, and entertain themselves
how they interact with one another

immutable companions
cats grant a love that’s unconditional
when i’m sitting at my desk
unable to produce anything worthwhile
they come to rescue me
climbing in my lap
rubbing against my hand, purring
their measured lullaby

living in a state of leisure
with slow movements like
half-dead heartbeats
cats imitate and initiate
magic unintentionally
as they prance and dance about

if you’re ever having a bad day
take a moment and observe a cat
form and function merging
to meet at the center of tranquility
glance into their eyes
and you’ll find yourself spellbound
in a moment of calm captivation
lifted from whatever
troubles you may have been mired in
what other creature can accomplish this feat
and do it with such ease?

i’ll tell you this,
if there’s one thing i’ve learned
over these many years
it’s that living with cats
is the secret to a long and happy life



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