flashbacks from a night shortly passed

moon rotations, permutations
cosmic copulations
how hard does this beast turn?
sell me something new
recovered and remembered
we are submerged in day dreams
driven by and from
a perfect moment
that has already passed

ripples on the surface
pushed me towards a different destination
i was welcomed by a unique goddess
who, with a slip of the tongue
repatriated the forgotten way
my mind melted in unison with my heart
flowing into this refurbished vessel
informal conversation
gave way to soul communication
and calculation was nothing more
than an enlightened estimation

tribe, vibe,
sacrificing songs of the self
in exchange for divine vision
overwhelmed and captivated all at once
there are too many energies to decipher
what was that light?
eyes opened wide with
laughter and two voices trailing
in dissonant harmony
illumination from being to being
facts remain but now
they are somehow uncertain

over-world, underworld
we are twirled and unfurled
along the wide-eyed road
of another ravenous night

slowly we surrender
to the fury of emancipation
sailing in the half-glow
of muted makeovers
laced with mayhem
peeking, insane, and so true
this rough draft
haphazardly writes itself
as we pay tribute to the lost ones
through mismatched incantations
and youthful machinations

truth becomes consequence, and
the contrast in substances and individuals
is subtle yet present
kiss, bliss
one touch was never enough
but this touch is different
it is softer and somehow more real
wait awhile, see what happens
appreciation takes time
and i have too much time
and no time at all

there are few nights among many
where magic amplifies
but under those sacred moons
i have know pleasures that transcend
this beautiful and fleeting flesh

maintaining room temperature
i want mastery
over this mystery
the concept of time is lost
as we continue to crawl towards morning
legends undone
will you help me
anoint the hours of the sun?

furry features and an inattentive dance
conversations with this tiny dog
are far too intense
it was time to hit the road
home, to my kingdom of cats in exile
on this trip, time passes slower
and the music pulsates
riding a wave of anticipation

how do i dispel this morning rush?
this heat will beat us down, if we let it
marked and mired by the sun
within a rainy safari of exotic flavors
i chant two words with wild gestures
haunted and hunted
behind the brilliance
of this wicked day star

buzzsaws backfired and
the death of an ancient spider stunned me
passive revelation, will you pray
to this infinite receptacle of nothing?
i wanted to speak in tongues
but no one was listening
the hitchhiker
who is a homeless poet
forging fragmented dreams
into a tapestry of simple reality

“are you on LSD?”
he asked
i replied
setting the tone
flow, with a cyclone crone
spelling breaths of brimstone
into a copper microphone
i chase words
like stray bullets
and write imbalanced symphonies
in the quiet space behind my eyes

flip, the hopeless heart script
i seek to encrypt
this unseen manuscript
fall in, cover, convert
illusions like telepathic hallucinations
embrace varied, and versatile vibrations

re-flux, refuse, refill, or reuse
the dogma(s) of yesterday
are replaced by
the memes of today
and tomorrow will host
the venom of random rebirth


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