the hermit, the magician, and the lovers

stranded and waiting for something to happen
sometimes i dream of dropping acid
jumping into a slick black cadillac
and driving forever
searching for the spirit god
of the lonely american highway

because i have
short breaths
long vibes
forget the yellow song of hell
spend your mornings
walking with ants
lend a hand
to the ghosts of the desert

forget green fish
that swim within fevered skies
remember the moon
and the promises
she once whispered

forget war and the media’s division
remember the broken tree
and the feel of worms beneath your feet

take me back to
sidewalk shows
with golden flower girls
and magnificent hobos

as we race railroads
landing on revelations
somewhere between
good and bad luck signposts

gathered at a stone ring
i drink black coffee
and sing
watching kindred ripples
riding waves denied

daylight hosts the fury
of summer kisses
sown in the blue grey hue
of an endless night
as we
read words like maps
speak truths
layered in lies

temperance at the tower
too honest to be alive
i proposed a toast
with summer’s ghost
to the forgotten sun
of satan’s song
buried at dawn
silent and withdrawn

absent and stained
i reign
on this unknown throne
ruler of my very own
animated kingdom

i’ve been waiting for something different
till you came along

i feel those eyes
piercing me from a shadowy distance
as mosquitoes feast
and the high priest
summons tales
from winds of the far east

can you understand
the finer points of
mad passion
and subtle insanity?


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