bits and pieces

flashback, twenty-five years
mystic ignorance
flash forward, thirty-five years
collected indifference
social cues ignored
with subtle signs set to ward
the impending moral horde
as communal vibrations
spawn careless desecrations

alcoholic days seem so useless
night after night tearing at
unfinished stories
written on stained windows
i’ve lost all my lighters
and these dreams are just motions
set in a foggy reality

completely vented before 7am
i’m just really not that into time man
i need clarity
yet all i see
are faces in trees
leading me to pages that are incomplete

i read my cards once,
then again
a warning
i’m always attracted
to a certain kind of danger
flip that coin called kismet
one side holds hope
the other, despair
what will it be today?
in the distance i hear him whisper
“you were warned”
“fuck it” i think
and with one last laugh
i mouth the words “bring it!”
i’m becoming harder
and waiting for war

shuffling through the god box
i spied arrows, hammers, and other useless trinkets
and i remember how we walked along
fences that stretched for miles
decorating and obliterating
the boundaries between
allegory and corporeality

one more fire before the midnight dream
and as the smoke clears
i see visions of THE DRAGON
absently singing to a forgotten princess
it’s THE HIGH before THE LOW
as my blood flows
with the consciousness
of mistress moon

roaming rough drafts and distant distortions
lost and hovering over
black and white keyboards
i stop, reanimate, and consummate
that one, lonely idea
there used to be soft poetry in my soul
but it’s slowly dissolving
devolving into hard scripture
erase disgrace
and embrace
this accidental typeface!

art is dead
so feed your head
another way
don’t chase that weirdward woman too far
and be wary of plastic people
that dump words like spoiled fruit
race the riot and run with no destination
we need new adventures
grand and glorious escapades
of random renegades

this game has no rules
unchecked and unhindered
there’s a wild manifestation
dying to break free
i’m trying to reach the death of failure
but it’s hard to finish
labels libel me and
this anticipation is killing me

the supermarkets are full
and the libraries are empty
preoccupied, separate
and distilled below the rest
there is no redemption
only beautiful destruction
yielding to a laid-back r(E)volution

i’ve thrown away all my good-guy badges
and i just want to be simple again



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