confidential eclipse

repetitious alley
one way conversations
no logic, just convenient reception
walking with an unattended mind
what is this competition of guilt
in the shadow of lost life
ride that one long thought
through mysteries of the night
straight into the arms
of a dark and forgiving goddess

rage redistributed
in radiant remembrance of revelries
long since past
let us gaze upon this cloud brushed sky
as we ride a random red bus
conversing with insane strangers
and waiting persistently
for the songs of this sleepy city
to sing new adventures

reaching for a hollywood home-brew
we follow the candle’s flame
soft, dangerous,  hypnotic
we navigate curves in the rhythm
with eyes like anthills
focused on the serpent’s trance
entertained and chained
to the devil in a reluctant dance
incandescent beast, tell me
are you trying to represent
a corrupted visage of god?

holy hostess, sister of the raven moon
seat me at an infinite table
littered with ammunition, notebooks
and glasses of wine
that never spill
this life is like a mad lib
will you help me fill in the blanks

and where’s my tribe, my kindred queen?
seated between
longevity and this blissful quarantine

the glory of fanaticism came and went
in the blink of an eye
now, all i see are
frantically decorated walls
empty windows
and curious cats

feeling worthless in a priceless age
so many complications
boiled down
into a simplistic fantasy
speaking in a secular tongue
he reminded me
“never fall in love at night”
the wards and symbols
that once served me so well
now fail
and i just can’t seem to escape this moment

a blue star hovers behind me
reminding me of ghosts
i’ve yet to meet
were you born
to stutter against streaks
of melodic light?
glitter and hypnotic pulses
always four cats, two candles,
one glass, and no soul
self destruction or self awareness
tell me what’s the difference?

solo charity
breaking the box
line by line
as layer upon layer of words
are painted in red shift and spectral form
my luxury is labored in a labyrinth of liability
as little lambs lead me to the slaughter

i miss the ignorance of simpler times
as a cursed and hazy night,
sheathed in warped clarity
calls toward another uniform day
somehow i continue
i want everything
and nothing at all

redemption, or perhaps just
tempered recollection
cleaning and dreaming of
rusted and discarded revelations
what choice have we
but to commit to this sympathetic insanity




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