apocalyptic sunset
on the animal farm
reading from the book of mercy
my companion told me stories of
wandering and writing
in the book of blues
bipolar embrace
damaged and somehow changed forever
we searched for
the great and secret show
nothing but children
playing desert solitaire
with the alchemist

harlots and harmonies held within
the witching hour, and
on the horizon was a
storm for the living
and the dead

at the mouth of madness
i pawed through my treasury
of brain droppings, wondering
when will jesus bring the pork chops

wise men are fools
molecules of an unimpressed sun
recording sad history
in the american night

civil disobedience
fleeing the iron web
of unintended consequences
we were slouching towards nirvana
in the wet and wounded wilderness
awaiting a fool’s bargain

the pleasures of the damned
are alive in
light, fire, and darkness
and so the prophet spoke
“it’s a brave new world
and no longer do we view
a brief history of time
as passive observers”

“how do i navigate
the way of zen
in this time of contempt?”
“follow the sound of the seventh octave
beyond the dark tower
and go ask alice”
he said

four past midnight
we found her sitting vacant
by a signpost that read
this way to the art of war
she was listening to hot water music
and before i could speak, she exclaimed
“there is no common sense
said the shotgun to the head”
and then she handed me the rum diary

sifting through the madness for the word
with a tear and a smile i heard
the voice that is great within us
drinking candlelight
flying at night, we were
celebrating a feast of crows
and betting on the muse

we landed by a great dune,
the flash of lightning behind the mountain
watching the clock and waiting for
wild dreams of a new beginning
we took seven mind breaths
conceived in liberty
and bathed in blood and gold

collective mood
i remembered the continual condition
pale and faded like a summer rose
and how the people look like flowers at last

the lords and the new creatures
spoke in cryptic tones and
tales of ordinary madness
was the last wish




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