a loose thread

blank page
early hour
sun stage
deep breaths
harmonized and holding
fervent intent
tables lined along the ocean’s shore
as we join these faithless guests
with the crashing of waves sung as folklore

memories laced with
marooned mantras
pawning pennies
as thieves and junkies
litter the causeway
the same players are
grifted at sunset bars, and
i smell a mixture of hot chocolate
rum and defeat

always more
and set to explore
i deplore
the underscore
in it’s feigned metaphor

abstract geometries, and
the women are all hiding in trees
primal sentries, waiting for
the separation of primitive men

prisons of the mind
held on a dime
part-time turning into
a demonic pastime
waiting for a moment defined
is simply a waste of time

invitation to something new
expectation, limitation
interpretation, taboo

bare feet tattooed
on the landscape of a distant summer
i glimpsed
one loose thread
dangling with the temptation
of perilous manifestation
and pulled with dread

fate fell asleep
filtered backwards
on fatigue
and there is no scarcity
that is an illusion

under the hazy morning sun
coffee flows like eternal rivers
cats run in all directions
and messages are received
at the strangest times
it’s cognitive erosion

the number is twenty five and zero
psychotic configuration
conceptual alliteration
of words loosely defined
on the edge of a water stained map

i was denied with a question
the ritual was never completed
feint actions stirred
fearful, tearful
with hearts nearly depleted

this deliberation of platonic scales
has decimated dominate deceptions
and forced an initiation of the greater self

it was then that i watched
strangers kissing
interplay of heartbeats
linked like drums
revealing the colors of passion
and there are
animals, shaded
hiding in every soul
no longer jaded

broken by the insanity of a yellow breeze
heroes and villains hesitate
they meditate, mutate
gestate, and resuscitate
and what is born then is
glory in the grey



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