two steps away from sanity

unholy ambition
invoked and
spoken at the wrong time
meeting the wrong people
reading the wrong line

sunrise on concrete steps
in light of morning bird songs
signal an emanation of dusty dreams
with concrete sidewalks
sailing into submission
of traffic
that sounds almost boastful

two paper poems
fallen to the floor
i’ve strayed into a place
where imagery has no meaning
as cat paws click on soiled keys
composing nonsense
coffee stains teeth
and cigarettes stain lungs
these morning rituals
are nothing but
tired habits
held under the gravity of circumstance

i’ve been emptied of all my inspiration
like a composer left to wander
on a childish battlefield
navigating an internal script
that is somehow off, as
hypocrisy courses through these veins
like velvet sexual recession
moving counter clockwise
in a dominate procession

the great upheaval of middle age is a joke
dormant, no more adulation
just cartoon chemistry
and abstract addiction
gods how i miss that smile

graveyard roots
hardened black boots
death cat symbols in secrecy

bird feeders and empty park benches
watch an island settled with no soul
down on the shores of the kennebec
there are different spots
with different values
i come down here sometimes
to sit, to think
because nature is my god
and strange fruits are born of this solitude
it’s a process you see
a way to create
without creating anything

moments like these are a way
to exorcise realities
we no longer share
consequences, and
stuck on one thought
i love the tattooed girls
the birds and trees
i love the cats
the music
i love the sunrise and sunset
the long drives to nowhere
i love the way you made me feel at one
i love a lot of things in this world
but not myself

fiery nights almost extinct
all i have left is art
and such an elusive mistress she is
art as love
art as sex
art as a definition of self
art as a minute interaction
glances, stances
blue dog meaning
art dresses me in a divine comedy
or was it tragedy
another day of nothing
just another useless hero
constipation and sanitation
free me from pollution
with this abstract solution



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