in part, crazy dream

supermodels and superheroes
loved like whores
and hunted down
with calamitous intent
it’s insanity
at the hospital coat check
and we are all just
fighting a war of attrition

change comes slowly
as the mask falls

blindfolded and
by circumstance
the nights are lit
with fury and flight
subtle tears forgotten fears
bathed in oppressive insight
and dimmed by candlelight

so little sleep
as winter’s final morning calls
awoken and half-way broken
i was left to crawl
burning between the sword of memory’s heat
and passions scribbled on sweaty sheets

slow movement
as wine-fed
intent on feeding
new life into
an old corpse

hope is for con artists and suckers
a fool’s tool blindly used
the only fate
is that which you create
and life revolves around
action and consequence

acceptance to me seems
is bullshit
acceptance can
break a man
i refuse to accept
this inevitable decay
defiance is growing within me

winter’s plight
removed by light
uncovered by
nature’s might
i was redrawn
by a malicious spawn
and captivated
by the pale dawn

i heard black birds singing
the promise of spring
on forgotten graves
sweet songs of life
impartial yet enslaved

no longer will this empty heart fall
carved in sand yet
blackened and enthralled
forever will it soar
seeking to restore
communion with the devil’s cabal



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