the other side of me

momentary eclipse
with the blackest of suns
and an unholy white moon
we were
and dined
under the stars
waiting with
fresh memories
and raw emotion
streaking like urgent lights
on a speeding ambulance
fading into the distance
of some unknown call

voices cried out for passion
against the loss of
certain heroes
that guided us gently
through this confusing night

the light is on
but nobody’s home
and once again
we are
driving into the deep
of midnight rides
sleepless and alone

these lines are like
so many gallons of gas
fueling and ready to burn
to another pointless destination

how many times have i said
there are two sides to this soul
speaking in conflict
and resolution
all at once

keep it steady

no thought
only inaction
please choose
with mindful intent
these habits
that will rule us

how now are we
so foreign
and unquestioning

no touch
and with a word
the trigger is pulled
then released in vain
left with only
virtual communication
at a distance
and a black and white cat
to comfort me while i write



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