i am
a constant contradiction
unity in opposition
acceptance and resistance

all paths split in two
patience vs impulsiveness
leading to
direction or spontaneity

shielded or exposed
cautious or carefree

logic vs emotion
intuition or reason
attachment and detachment
seeking to experience
love in the midst of hate
to know when to stay
to know when to walk away

sex vs abstinence
life vs death
male and female
yin and yang
the claw or the fang

when to be a warrior
when to be a diplomat

to speak or to write
to trust blindly
or to gather sight
to do what feels good
or to do what feels right

hidden comfort in the night
fight or flight
dark vs light

the warmth of the sun
and shadows of the moon
embraced by both
but never immune

or trepidation
surrounded at times
by noise or silence

flesh and spirit
heart and mind
animal vs man
an uncertain struggle

the certainty of order
and the beauty of chaos
held within the choice of
struggle vs submission

knowledge vs ignorance
freedom vs slavery
employed or unemployed
educated or experienced

cats or dogs
insects and frogs
or cars
street lights
or distant stars

urban vs rural
fire vs water
earth vs air
to be greedy
or to share

north of heaven
south of hell

standing sober
or sitting drunk
high as kite
or straight as a monk

individualism or conformity
old fashion
or new fashion
technology or simplicity
distance or synchronicity

when to start
and when to end
the one true faith
in balance I comprehend


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