too much
with effort
like mandated overtime
opium stains the brain
and the colony collapses

chasing tails
in the hot afternoon sun
coffee fevered dreams
possess over-stimulated young men
and full-service women
purposefully pre-installed
with skepticism
and unrefined desirability
estimate their next move

the dogs are false gods
waiting to be fed
and the supermarkets
have now become
the new madhouses

prophets of the lie
wag tongues
laced with prozac dreams
and the propaganda is one
of constant consumption
and empty minds

money creates the machine
and death is the face
of tv media

instant communication
has led to degradation
and technological decomposition
of the soul

humans are just too disconnected

we are nothing more
than children
praying at the alter of

some rest their spirit
in love
in knowledge
in art
in creation
in the force of life

know that
you are not alone
to gaze into another’s eyes
one touch
one moment of
honest connection
can help
to set you free


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