a diner on the edge of a dream

take a chance
following the midnight procession
hearts in a tangled dance
revealing spiritual bodies of obsession

i wrote
roadmaps leading to nowhere
and across the street
lie temples
trampled and incomplete

short order books
and left handed cooks
pen an paper
like sword and shield

there were
three words spoken
in quiet warmth
as destiny crashed
against an inanimate walls

transitions and decisions
it was a lifestyle unfamiliar
and well met
killing each other’s fears
it was then that i glimpsed eternity

we stumbled around this
knotted circus
for what seemed like ages
with an honest connection
unlocking our cages

circling around bonfires
of slowly changing souls
and gardening galaxies
with hastily refined tools
but like summer fools
we cradled false festivities
and the chance for
a different tomorrow

art in defense of
subtle differences
with doubts
and bouts
of anxiety
unspoken conversations
and impropriety
spread like wings
on a bird of prey

stacking smiles upon lies
it’s theft by infinite design
and in calamity
i’ve found no order
perhaps it was just chaos from the start

scandals and
dripping red candles
i’ve found no recourse
only curses
within these verses

one last kiss unremembered
yet eternally haunted
despite this complicated ritual
the new moon is just a smile
seeking to exile
love that will always linger and
dreams that will never forget



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