a cosmic revelation of now

i like my shiny black shoes
not quite new
i only want you
once for excitement
and once for memory
please remember the dead
as their names hang lightly
on the tops of distant tree branches
waiting for the living
to speak memories
infused with reincarnation
it seems we are
who we admire
mimics, in the garden of a liar
seeking to conspire
shifting, shaping values
till we’re forced to retire
but i
can’t see the world
through my hero’s eyes
for they have strange faces
indefinite, with hard lines
held in complicated embraces
moon tripping, revisited
residing in foreign places
every morning i watch the sunrise
eating berries while holding a gun
held in trance,sitting edgewise
waiting for the world to downsize
capsize, in counter-clockwise
motion, and
satan holds the light
of truth in god’s shadow
try as i might
i just cant write
the line
that gives me
the sign
to navigate this
circle of time
because there are
signals everywhere
wi-fi, bluetooth, rfid
changing brain chemistry
radio and broadband satellites
high speed notoriety
methods and modes of
informal and iconized communication
traveling at warp speed and
waiting to be intercepted, interrupted by
oblique pirates, or alien prophets
in a final and glorious endgame





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